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Antioxidants and PhytonutrientsI am seriously in love with Shakeology.  Because it’s something that I believe in so much, I’ve decided to write post about it!

For the past year and a half now I’ve been using Shakeology as a meal replacement every single day. It’s interesting how I came about using this product, though, because I was super skeptical about it at first, and actually refused to try it for the first year that it was out. I had so many reasons why I didn't want to drink it. It was too expensive. I wanted to eat "real" food. I didn't want to be on one of those "shake" diets that end up causing people to yo-yo.  I ended up trying a sample of it at a Beachbody event, and ended up loving the taste. I heard stories of how peoples' lives had changed, weight lost, energy gained, etc. So when I got home I decided to order a month’s supply of it and see what kind of health benefits I could experience. I knew that just one Shakeology sample wasn’t going to allow me to experience the benefits, and that’s why I needed to use it over a period of time. Since there is a 30-day money back guarantee, I had nothing to lose. To make a long story short, I lost an additional 10 lbs, had more energy each day than I’ve had in a long time, and it’s hard to explain, but I just felt “healthier” overall. I would show up to the 8:30am class I teach with so much energy, my students were a little scared! haha

After I started to get results with it, I decided to buy Shakeology on Home Direct so that I received it each month and saved on the S&H. I started talking about it to friends, family, the people that I coach, and many people decided to get involved, and that’s when the amazing Shakeology reviews began rolling in. Now, a bunch of my friends and family use Shakeology on daily basis, and have seen amazing results from it. I have clients who have lost up to 45 pounds in 3 months, others who have brought their cholesterol and blood pressure back into safe ranges, and the list goes on and on! Shakeology works! I credit Shakeology as one of the main factors that has helped me not only get my 6-pack abs (sometimes 8-pack), but also keep it for almost 2 years now!

One of the best videos about Beachbody Shakeology that Beachbody has created is the “100 Doctors Don’t Lie” video. Here, 100 doctors explain why Shakeology is such a unique product and why it should be used on a daily basis.

Many people immediately have an objection about the price, as I did, but if you use it how it’s supposed to be used, as a meal replacement, then it completely justifies the cost. Plus, now that I understand the health benefits and value in Shakeology, price is a non-issue because I know that I’m taking care of my body. How does it justify the cost? Before I started using Shakeology, I was going out for lunch every day, spending anywhere from $6-$10 at places like Panera, Jimmy John's, McDonald's, but when I started using Shakeology as a meal replacement shake for lunch, I started saving money because it only costs me about $3 per serving. Plus, there was no knowing what I was putting into my body from the food at the restaurants, but now I know that I’m eating something 100% healthy. Even if you don’t eat out for lunch every day, you can’t look at it as an extra cost on top of what you’re already spending at the grocery store, but rather replacing what you would spend to purchase a meals worth of groceries every day. It makes a quick and healthy breakfast or even a late-night snack. There are dozens of ways to prepare it so you never get bored. It just makes sense!

If you’re interested in Shakeology and want to try it first before you spend the money on it, then I have Shakeology samples to send out. However, I will ONLY send you a Shakeology sample on 2 conditions: (1) I’m your coach, and (2) You’re 100% serious about purchasing if you enjoy the taste. It costs me about $6 to send out 1 sample, so it’s important that you’re serious about it. If I’m not your coach, you can make me you coach by clicking

Beachbody Shakeology truly is an amazing product, and one that I’m completely passionate about because I’ve seen it impact not only my life, but the people I care about most, my friends and family. If you’re looking to purchase Shakeology, click
here. If you have any questions about it, feel free to email me, Michael McBride, at

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