Rodrigo's Ultimate Reset: Lost 13 lbs in 21 days!

I am literally in tears as I watched my husband, Rodrigo's final wrap up video of his Ultimate Reset cleanse. I am so proud of him for respecting himself enough to follow through with a plan that got him what he wanted.

Final physical results: Down 13 lbs, all-day energy without coffee, and clearer skin.

Results he didn't expect: patience, confidence, will-power, and optimism.

Over the last several weeks, there were several occasions they would have usually tripped him up in anger, and he was able to deal with the situations directly, powerfully, and calmly.

If you're looking to get a jumpstart with weight loss, this is a great path. But if you're looking for clarity of mind and a way to work through a challenge with peace and strength, the Ultimate Reset is for you.

I know it sounds kinda bizarre, but I witnessed a transformation first hand, and I'm thrilled to support him going forward with whatever his goals are. I also will be doing my own reset.

If you're curious about it, check out this site or email me.

Check out his transformation from DAY 1...

to DAY 21...

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