Chicago Idol Lotto

Here we are at the lotto for the Chicago Idol competition at the House of Blues.  This is a promo run by Fox Chicago and 103.5 FM.  They were selecting 103 people to audition in front of celebrity judges…

Windy City Gay Idol 2009 Finals

Thanks to all who supported me! I had a great time and got to the top 6! Here are two of my performances! "Closer" and "Umbrella"

Windy City Gay Idol 2009 Semi-final

Singin' my heart out at the Semi-finals of Windy City Gay Idol 2009.  The crown responded really well to my version of "Apologize."

Here's all the fun, crazy finalists.  Come hear us sing on Saturday, June 13 at…

Windy City Gay Idol 2009 Prelim

Here's a pic from my audition at SOFO Bar.  I won 1st place--thanks to everyone who came to support me.  Now on to the semi-finals on May 30 at 4pm at Sidetrack (3349 N Halsted).  I hope you can…

EPLC Service Music for April 26, 2009

I thought I'd post some videos of the music for the Sunday services.  I hope you can use these for your own worship times or even to learn some new ones.


First Church of Starbucks

I've seen so much of my own experience in this clip. I think growing up in the church, it's difficult to notice all the weird things we do. Sometimes I need a reality check from another perspective.


Thoughts on Creativity

I am addicted to the TED talks, and this one really impacted me. I think she comes to a very healthy way to approach creativity. I'm curious to know if you have any thoughts about it.

Creativity or Responsibility

I hate that sometimes I feel like I have to choose between being creative and being responsible.

There is not much in life like creating music that gives me such a sense of satisfaction.  I'm in the zone!  Hours…

In the studio

Today is a day off from teaching so I thought I'd spend some time in the studio.  I'm working on an arrangement of I Surrender All, similar to the one I did at Edison Park a few weeks ago.  My…

Gospel in Philly

Here's the video of the gospel piece we sang at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church near Philly. Thanks to Pastors Harkness and Carlson for inviting me out. I had a blast!

Through My Eyes

Check out this amazing video of incredibly poignant and authentic interviews about gay Christian youth. Regardless of what you may think about this issue, I think it's always insightful and pastoral to know the real stories of people.

New England romp

I spent a great weekend in Philly and NYC hanging out with my friends, Robin and Jonathan.  Robin's church brought me out to sing with their choir who was singing a gospel arrangement of mine (I'll post the video…