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On the Power of Problem of Metaphors 

Following is an essay written August 17, 2006 during a very trying time in my life.  Reading it now, I can sense the frustration, fear, and anger.  

Suppose that you are a traveler embarking on a journey to the other side of a
mountain, and up ahead lies a trail. While it may seem that this trail is the only path to
your destination, your guide informs you that it is filled with precarious dangers, ones
that he is not willing to undertake. In his well-traveled experience he then says that not

Chicago Idol Lotto 

Here we are at the lotto for the Chicago Idol competition at the House of Blues.  This is a promo run by Fox Chicago and 103.5 FM.  They were selecting 103 people to audition in front of celebrity judges and record execs for a chance to skip the registration process and go straight to the producer round of auditions.  

I'm thrilled to say that I made it in the lotto.  Although there were only 105 people!  I feel really bad for the *2* people who didn't get in though.

Thanks to Rodrigo and Robin for…Read more

First Church of Starbucks 

I've seen so much of my own experience in this clip. I think growing up in the church, it's difficult to notice all the weird things we do. Sometimes I need a reality check from another perspective.

On the other hand, I wonder if there would be equally embarrasing effects if the Church were more like Starbucks.

Thoughts on Creativity 

I am addicted to the TED talks, and this one really impacted me. I think she comes to a very healthy way to approach creativity. I'm curious to know if you have any thoughts about it.

Creativity or Responsibility 

I hate that sometimes I feel like I have to choose between being creative and being responsible.

There is not much in life like creating music that gives me such a sense of satisfaction.  I'm in the zone!  Hours will pass and I won't notice.  At the end of the day, when I'm creative, I really feel that I accomplished something meaningful.

On the other hand, after I come out of my creative time warp, I often realize that I neglected to make an important time-sensitive phone call or return that email or…Read more