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All Around the World 

I'm always excited to see where people are finding my website.  No, I can't see in your house from space with satellite technology, but I do get info about the general area or city.  Here are a few shout outs:

UK, Shenyang China, Montreal, Chandigarth India, Schalksmühle Germany, Amsterdam, Norrland Sweden, Belarus, Seoul, Kiev, Vienna, Tijucas Brazil, Tel Aviv Israel, Cipoletti Argentina, Balgowiah Australia, and Trieste Italy.

There are many more exotic places in addition to these!  I just wanted to say…Read more

Through My Eyes 

Check out this amazing video of incredibly poignant and authentic interviews about gay Christian youth. Regardless of what you may think about this issue, I think it's always insightful and pastoral to know the real stories of people.

New England romp 

I spent a great weekend in Philly and NYC hanging out with my friends, Robin and Jonathan.  Robin's church brought me out to sing with their choir who was singing a gospel arrangement of mine (I'll post the video soon).  We also got a tour of NYC with recording artist and best friend of Kathy Lee Gifford, Phil Putnam.

One of the cool things he showed us was the exterior of Carrie Bradshaw's house from Sex and the City.  Oh, the magical times!